We are proud to offer the talents of many local entertainers and thought you’d like to learn a little bit about them too.   Entertainers listed in Alphabetical Order.


Anne-Michelle: Owner, Manager, Professional Singer, Singing Gram Writer, Music Teacher,

Balloon Twister, Assistant,and Substitute for Anna, Belle, or Rapunzel.  

Originally from Cleveland Ohio, she began her singing career at the age of 15, earning a vocal scholarship towards a music degree that she received in 2007.   Since that time Anne’s stayed busy as an active community member accumulating over 15 years of performance experience.  She is a music teacher in Manatee County, a section leader for Saint Patrick’s Choir in Sarasota, and most recently played the lead female role of “Sandra Bloom” in Big Fish the Musical at Sarasota Players.   Though she is often seen teaching, singing, and acting in various venues locally, she has a gift to plan  and wants to help you plan your special event with the entertainment best fit for your needs.   Her belief is that Brave N Beautiful will be a vehicle for other local artists to share their talents with our community.


                                                                                                   Becca: Face-Painter, Artist, Anna, The Little Mermaid, Belle, Cowgirl J., Rapunzel,&  Snow White, Tink 

Becca is a student at Ringling and has been working with Brave N Beautiful since it’st beginning.  She has worked for Disney World and truly captures to essence of our favorite Princesses.  Also a talented artist with her own business,  “Becca Bee Art”, she has been an asset to us as one of our favorite face-painters. She also is our logo designer and go to girl for anything print/media related.


Emma: Anna, Cinderella,The Little Mermaid, Ballerina, Belle, & Rapunzel 

Emma is a student at Manatee School For the Arts and has been given multiple roles in many of their musicals.  As a long-term dance, and musical theater student, with over 17 shows under her belt, she she has shown focus, determination, a teachable spirit, and talent in the realm of entertainment.  Her youthfulness brings much joy to the kids she entertains.



                                                                                                                   Laura: Cinderella, Snow Queen, Ballerina, Belle, & Rapunzel

Laura is not only a beautifully trained ballerina, but also a high-school student with impressive lead roles in theater.  Most recently she appeared in the lead role of “Judy Hayne” in White Christmas, and “Cosette” in “Les Miserables” for Sarasota High-school.   With both vocal and dance training, she will be able to grace your children with sweet steps and songs.



Madeleine: Anna, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, & Rapunzel

Madeleine is a current musical theater major at the University of Tampa and has played a variety of roles from “Mary Poppins”  to “Adele” in the opera Die Fledrrmaus.  Trained in Opera and great with kids, her energy is quite contagious! She is the perfect story teller and entertainer for children who want a princess to believe in.



                                                                                                         Miranda: The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid, & Cinderella.   


Miranda is a current student at Manatee School for the Arts and has been in multiple community shows at both Sarasota and Manatee Players theaters.  Most recently she played the lead role as “Elle Woods” in the musical Legally Blonde.  Known for her strong belt and community portrayal as “Elsa” at non-profit events, she has brought a whole other set of talent to the table. She also is available for singing at special events.


Princesa: Moana and A Royal Party Assistant 









Our newest princess is a multi-talented student at Manatee School of the Arts! From Jazz Band to Ballet, Choir, and other various productions she’s entertained a multitude of kids and adults. Her sweet spirit soars when bringing smiles to the children around her.  You will often find her babysitting, involved at her church, and singing for special occasions when she’s not busy at the school.


                                                                                                          Tristan: Bat-guy, Spidey-guy, & Everybody’s Favorite Pirate J. 


Tristan is a local actor, singer, and writer, who attended Ringling as a film major.  Known for his comedic elements, spontaneity, vocals, and rhythm, he has been chosen for several lead roles in both Manatee and Sarasota County theaters.  From “Sir Galahad” in Spamolot to most recently “Will Bloom” in Big Fish, he has charmed audiences for years.  A natural with kids and the elderly, he is sure to make you laugh and keep you moving!