Princess Birthday Parties

For many young girls, the chance to have a princess attend their birthday party would be an ideal event. Having probably already seen many animated and cartoon stories of princesses, imagining a real princess spending some time with them would be a great surprise. Of course, for that to happen, it requires that a company have the ability to satisfy some important demands. These include, the costume, the character’s persona, a desire to interact successfully in the time allotted, and remaining “in character” throughout the entire visit.

One company serving the West Central Florida region is doing just that. BraveNbeautiful is their name and “Birthday Party Rescuers” represents their tag line by which they prefer to be known. In examining this company’s method of operation, the reader can use this as a guide for possible companies in their area of the country.

The Costume

First impressions count and having a costume that creates a positive appearance from the outset is one of the demands of BraveNbeautiful. To this end, the company hired a designer that knows her stuff when it comes to Dresses.  Prestige Couture is an award winning company operating out of Orlando, Florida that creates princess costumes for some of the very best character entertainment companies.  In fact, the owners of BraveNbeautiful have a photo of a Rapunzel designed by Prestige Couture meeting the Rapunzel at Disney World.  You can find it on their website located at The reaction of the Disney characters and management says it all when they stated that “your costumes are better than ours!”  Prestige Couture often makes ballroom dance costumes that can cost many thousands of dollars, thus creating the princess costumes was a natural fit for their design and seamstress skills.  Needless to say, when it comes to Costumes, they have found the answer.

The Character’s Persona

mermaidLeading the cast of characters from the company is Alice Burkina.  She’s a professional ballroom dancer and trainer which means her entire day is often spent demonstrating grace, poise, and sophisticated movements.  Having danced from a very early age, Alice is not only a natural at having such skills, but works on dance performances that must show a story in the dance itself.  As a result, she is uniquely qualified to play the role of a princess for children events.  And although it may not always be necessary, Alice prefers that her cast members stay in the role throughout the entire visit.  She believes that her characters can be important role models for young children and wants to make sure they have every opportunity to see their princesses without any detractors.




Entertainment Interaction


BravenBeautiful actually has a party tips page on their website to help parents avoid some of the typical problems that can be encountered during a visit. Cast members are focused on providing both a high quality visit and one that is full of activities so there is very little down time between the things that should be naturally occurring during the visit. That is why the company has actually developed a collection of scenarios for their visits. “We program different activities and have a good feeling for how long they normally take, but we always have additional activities on standby if needed to fill in voids in time” according to Alice. The company has a policy to create different types of games for different princesses and they are always working on improving the results. Alice states that preparation is the real key to their success. “A lot of planning goes into each event to make sure it runs smoothly” says Alice and having seen their checklist which is used for event preparation, it is clear their results are not accidental. supports the west Central area of Florida and operates in an area from Venice to Tampa, Florida. Check out the website for more information about their packages and availability.


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